Automatic Assembly Machine

Automatic assembly machine and role:
An automatic assembly machine is a machine that automatically assembles products during a manufacturing process in a factory. Some machines include equipment that performs a single to very complex operation, such as screw drivers, bending machines, assembly and transport robots in a car or motorcycle assembly line. , electronics, semiconductors, aircraft…

Examples of applications for  machines include radiator assembly lines, plating lines, variable capacitor assembly, cores, solar panel assembly, automotive engine assembly lines, etc , assembling automatic sensor air feeding machine, sensor table type plunger, fully automatic line reamer, capping assembly machine, automatic joint gluing machine, needle bearing, clutch.

Principle of automatic assembly machine:
Automated assembly  include a product assembly, handling and inspection unit and a product and parts transport facility. There are two basic types of machines, the line type and the turntable type. In the line-type automatic assembly, the supply equipment includes a feeder, a hopper, a palletizing device, etc. and discharge equipment including conveyor, palletizing equipment, canning equipment, packing machine, etc.