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Future development with AGV ?

Nowadays, most manufactories have to transport raw materials, semi finished products and finished products. Normally, this process uses human physical strength, which is very difficult, expensive and low efficient. In modern industry, AGV has been developed and applied to solve this problem.  What is an AGV?  AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) is a type of robot which can move and navigate according to magnetic tapes stuck on the floor or using radio waves, lasers, and CCTV. Benefits of using an AGV:  Reduce the human physical strength and costs. Increase freight productivity.  Minimize product damage during transportation.  Improve safety in production. Ability to work 24/7.  With such benefits,AGV nowadays plays an important role in operating factories and warehouses, transporting goods and products to the right places safely. To learn more about the application of AGV, feel free to contact us.