Factory Automation System

Meaning of production line automation:
Factory Automation System, automation systems improve productivity and save labor. It reduces work related to manual labor, replaces manual work with mechanical means and machines, eliminates pain and accidents for workers. Automation also helps reduce labor costs and cope with labor shortages, and at the same time improve competitiveness, because high quality and output will reduce selling costs, helping businesses receive orders. large, stable products from large corporations, participating in the global production chain.

Factory Automation System plays an even more important role:
The trend of internationalization, globalization, middle-priced, high-quality products dominate the world market, and companies that produce low-cost, high-quality products should dominate the market. market by the productivity from production lines with a high degree of automation. In modern times, advances in electronic technology have broadened the scope of automation, and changes in the way people think about their mental and physical abilities are changing the jobs people do. and don’t do.

Reduce costs with automation:
In order to survive in a highly competitive environment, businesses and factories will continue to make maximum efforts to reduce costs. Cost factors are determined by production technology including modern production lines, creating production advantages and saving labor at optimal costs. This is very important to get it into the production line.

Improve quality with automation:
Obviously there is instability, there is potential risk when all the activities that make the product depend on people. In recent years, in order to meet the strict quality requirements, many Vietnamese companies have lost the opportunity, some companies that can invest in automation and mechanization have a higher chance in the future. Reviews of foreign customers. Automation contributes significantly to quality improvement in mass production. Interest has begun to show in recent years, which means that high-quality products produced from good production environments and production equipment with a high degree of automation are the trend. weak. Improve employee morale and awareness, as well as improve brand image and corporate image among consumers and customers.