Industrial Robot

Industrial Robots
IDEA is the first Vietnamese company to export industrial robots to Japan, which is a positive start for the Vietnamese robot brand. Promoting the Government’s policy of industrialization and modernization, the industrial revolution 4.0 is creating great opportunities from the benefits of technology such as automation and robotics.
Industrial robots, 5-axis robots, 6-axis robots…and new technologies will have a huge impact on the industrial sector, which will change the global manufacturing industry – the top concern in Vietnam. With the flexibility, automated robots can be applied in many fields such as automotive, mechanical, electronic, textile, footwear and agricultural, food industry,…
Automated robots are the future labor method, they can operate automatically by the pre-programmed control system. They can also operate in harsh, hazardous and dangerous environments with high accuracy, and bring higher efficiency than manual labor.

Automation and labor saving in the future:
To invest effectively in automation for successful business operations, it is necessary to understand technology innovation and international market trends. Human are the protagonists of production, so automated machines and equipment must be designed to be operate safely. They are aware that automated machines and equipment are collaborators and can can improve their work efficiency.
In addition, we can also provide robots from Nachi, Yasukawa, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, ABB. We not only provide robots but also can support customers in designing and seting up automated production systems.

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